About ‘The Peregrine Files’

‘The Peregrine Files’ explores what Robert Macfarlane elegantly describes as ‘portal moments’. To me these are when a particular moment in a particular place suddenly opens out to reveal a giddying flood of links, connections and understanding. I have called the pieces in my blog ‘prose poems’; literary purists will no doubt frown, but there is something holistic about the merging of the two genres that appeals. I am fascinated and compelled by the way that moments in a landscape, so often prosaic, can be miraculously transformed by personal circumstance into experiences that even the most beautiful poetry struggles to convey. For me, the prose poem offers me the best chance of success!

I have always loved peregrines and their superb combination of power and beauty; the word itself suggests ‘wanderer’ which gives me license in my blog to be myself in the landscape, and move freely from place to place. It also allows me to edge closer to John Baker’s magisterial ‘The Peregrine’, a book I have been fortunate enough to have been able to teach to my sixth form English sets for the last five years. We all struggle for originality in Baker’s glow, but I am going to give it a go nonetheless!


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